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Hello, my name is Avelardo Lopez. And this is my website. Thank you very much for visiting! As you will learn, I am a person who knows how to wear many hats, and well by the way. People say that there is a great wealth of knowledge that I have to offer in so many areas of life. The overall passion...Helping People Make Life Better. My personal motto is; "To Dream is one thing, To Live it another. - Mr. Suave"

Another passion of mine is to teach people how to live better lives in so many areas of life. If you visit my 'Projects' page, you will come to discover the other websites that I have & manage. Each site is focused at providing different types of content. As a result, you can say that I am a content creator. What is a content creator? A person who creates articles, how-to-guides, videos, manuals, pod-casts, and so much more.

My projects are very broad and many in nature. So I do keep myself busy. What is my secret? Understanding the technology is one, and an open mind is another.


Who My Website Can Help

There is an array of products, services, information, knowledge that is made available here at my site. My goal is to be able to help out the person who reaches out to ask for help. Please feel free to explore my Products & Services for more information on how I can go in doing just that. As well, while exploring the different areas of my Blog site, you can also tap into the things that I have done for others in the past. If anything seems to fit exactly what it is that I can do for you, feel free sign up for me to help. 

I can help people in the area(s) of Business Operations, day to day computer use/training, computer/software repair & configuration, Advice/Coaching/Mentoring & Consulting. You can also explore my blog articles regarding the following list of topics to learn more about the many ways/things that I can do for you to help you excel in life. 


What do I write/create content about?

AVELARDOLOPEZ.COMHere at this website, I talk about life in general, and about the things that are interesting to me. I do talk about some of my passions, as well about things that are seen taking place in the world around us. As well about some of the stories that I have observed and heard, lived through the eyes of others. There are many stories to be told about what I have been through in life, in hopes to educate others. As well, you can also tap into my work history and experience here on this site under the 'Resume' sections and more. You can also explore the other sides of me that you never knew about, like the volunteer work that I do for the state, church, & funeral homes. 

WYDADDY.COMAnother passion of mine is to talk about the life of this father figure that is me. So the 'Who's Your Daddy?' project is another major project of mine. Although the main idea was to create the website to help fathers in general, discovered that through these publications, there could be the possibility to also be like a virtual dad to people who for many reasons do not have a father in their lives. The site also reflects on not only serious topics but some diversion ones too, like religion, the news, playing video games with my son, and comedy. 

DRSUAVE.COM: For many years too, to select people have given much advice and counseling about Love & Relationships. So since we needed to talk about a father's personal relationships...decided to create Dr. Suave. A website where I focus on just that. And since the audience for that topic alone is broad, tried to accommodate each  area for that. I am a very loving and passionate man, just ask the love of my life. 

GOLDENMUSTARDSEED.COM: As you already know, or will come to learn...after listening to some of my content at times...there is at times a motivating tone. In the past people have expressed that they feel much better and inspired to do more after talking to me. So a few years ago, I would send a daily devotional e-mail, non religious...and more business minded; to a group of people. It was called the 'Thought Of The Day'. Its motto was, 'Thoughts for a more Amazing, Power, & Successful Workday'. It was a hit with people. People often would comment how my daily e-mails would inspire them to grab the bull by the horns and live life more passion driven. Some people expressed how they were thinking about quitting their jobs as a result of how miserable they had become...but thanks to my daily e-mails turned that all around for them. Not only did it inspire them, but a good number of them got promoted to better jobs within the organization. Others found better job reviews resulting in a higher wage increase. Are you ready to turn your life around?

SIRARTHURTUX.COM: Much like many entrepreneurs online...while performing research on how to start all of these projects, discovered a vast number of people who wanted to do the same. Seeing an incredible need to fill, decided to also create the 'Sir Arthur Tux' project. An area where I can teach others how to get started online. Now although I have studied many online money making opportunities, am not after using all methods learned. But at Sir Arthur Tux, will take the time to teach and explain each one to the person who is willing to learn. My first passion is to teach. Making money, should just be a by product of that. 

AUNICITYLIFE.COM: While living life these past years...a dear friend introduced me to a multi-level-marketing company called 'Unicity'. At first I was like, seriously?? An MLM, again!!! ??? I was super hesitant to get involved. While helping him on a given project decided to look into the company. Being super good at doing research could not find anything negative about this MLM. Unicity is way more than 25 years old. And after discovering that their products were backed by MEDICAL and not clinical studies...was amazed to see how Doctors were safely backing the product even locally. After talking to some of these doctors myself and in person; was beyond convince that it would be a great opportunity for me. But I am not a fan of going door to door, nor of trying to sell this to my friends and neighbors. But I do believe strongly in the product lines and what it has/can do for people. I even experimented with the products on myself and was blown away at the results. So, I am taking this project mainstream instead for anyone who is willing to listen and learn about these amazing and wonderful products that Unicity International has to offer. 

Although my plate is really big, and have much to offer, I do not know if I will stretch myself beyond all of this. But please do not be surprised if I do, as I love to be all over the place, and am very fast at the things that I do day in and day out. 


About My Family


I am a divorced father of a young boy. And I am currently dating an incredible and amazing woman, who I cannot image my life without. She is my best friend, my other half and more. My son Alex is an incredibly avid and very active young man. I do my best at all that I do. These two people are what helps make my world feel incredibly complete. With nothing missing. We spend a great deal of time together. And my son is so accepting of her too. 

I come from a strong Hispanic Catholic Family in the El Paso, TX area. Thanks to my parents for being an awesome and amazing example for me and my brothers, have lived an incredible drug free and problem free life. I am fortunate to have parents that set the traditions of going to church each week as a must. As we find the same elements in my girlfriend's life as well. Her parents are an amazing pair with the same traditional values as that of my household. A perfect match in hopes and aspirations to embed the same traditions into my son Alex, and any forthcoming blessings to be given by God in the time to come, someday. 


How you can contact me!!


I want to be available to you as much as I can. Sometimes life gets crazy and it takes me some time to respond, but I do my best to respond in a timely manner. Here are the best ways to reach me.


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I Look Forward to Hearing From You!




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