Mr. Suave's Online Projects


Who's Your Daddy? -


Mr. Suave's primary passion is being a Father/Daddy. He discovered this passion early on in his adulthood. But did not officially have his own son until he was 25 years old. As a result of this passion, he created the 'Who's Your Daddy?' Project. A website aimed at talking about everything that he knows...about being a dad. 

This website project is not only aimed at being just for dads. There are areas for Sons & Daughters who may be in need of hearing a father's voice...and so much more. Interested in learning more about Mr. Suave's Fatherly Passion?

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Dr. Suave -

Daddy's need to be loved too. While creating the Who's Your Daddy? Project...Mr. Suave identified the need to talk about a father's love life/personal relationship his his significant other. Since the topic was so broad, he decided instead to create this spin off project called Dr. Suave. 

Dr. Suave is the project where Mr. Suave helps guide people towards the right kind of love. Talking about love & relationships is another passion that he is good at. So if you are interested in learning more....

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Golden Mustard Seed -

There have been many who have told Mr. Suave that he should consider going into motivational speaking, as it appears that he has a talent for motivating people. As a result of a mini-daily devotional project, he decided to create the Golden Mustard Seed. A website where Mr. Suave; aka: Mr Gold...creates motivational content for his audience. 

His primary communication, The Thought Of The Day - Thoughts for a more Amazing, Powerful, & Successful Workday...were a daily hit. People would print them out and decorate their cubicle with the ones that would most resonate with them. Employee morale would improve, and people would testify to the impact of these daily devotionals. 

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Sir Arthur Tux -

We all dream about someday living the life of luxury. For those who are in pursuit of such a life, some will be able to get there faster than others. Many years ago, Mr. Suave designed various online projects to help him someday achieve such goals. 

Now that the internet has evolved to what it is today, it is much easier to do just Mr. Suave presents his online project: 'Sir Arthur Tux' - Secrets To Building Wealth Online. A site devoted to talking about the subject of making money online. This is not a get rich quick educational site. But with time and patience, one can begin their steps towards financial freedom. 

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A 'Unicity' Life -

Mr. Suave is an Independent Distributor/Independent Sales Representative for Unicity International. After much research behind Unicity's products & services he was convinced to join this Multi-Level Marketing Company. He's primary intention in joining Unicity is to help people improve their health through Unicity's products & services. 

As a personal distributor he created his own website to market his own MLM sales/products/services for Unicity.

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