Sailing My Boat Alone

“Sailing My Boat Alone”There is a part of me that has been holding much back. Primarily over fears about charting through uncharted waters. Endeavors through ventures that I dreamed about being able to do when I was very young…and finding myself back at the same fork in the road. When I was 18 years old, more »

Alejandro Fernandez IN Concert – Wow

“ALEJANDRO FERNANDEZ IN CONCERT”ALEJANDRO FERNANDEZ IN CONCERTThere is so much that can really be said about attending one of Alejandro’s concerts. While standing in line to see this international sensation, was partially expecting a typical concert. While he might be just a mere man in the spec of human history….I have to say, ALEJANDRO DELIVERED. more »

Hopeful Tuesday!!

“Hopeful Tuesday!!” For the longest time, I have been working for the wrong people, and for the wrong reasons. Although compensation has been a factor in the past, it is a ball and chain  that I have learned to despise. Working towards one’s dreams is a topic that many just give up when them come more »